An Essay:Health Care in the U.S. from a Conflict Perspective

While American citizens consider the access to quality health care as a basic right for every citizen, this is not the case as there are contentious economical, cultural, and political issues impeding this noble course. The main issue lies in fact that the purpose of existence of health care providers is to make profit from provision of health care service. The “get rich mentality” has affected medical profession’s mandate of providing health care for all, including the rich and the poor. Medical practitioners have demonstrated a growing preference of serving wealthy patients in order to maximize their earnings. The government, on its part, has tried to introduce universal health care such as Obama care with the intention of providing affordable health care to all citizens. However, physicians have perceived the health care industry as an opportunity to make profits despite government’s effort of enacting compelling legalization, Obamacare, which is aimed at polarizing the issue.

Physicians have now repackaged their services into “medicalization” of social problems. A plausible explanation for adopting this system is to avoid the public-government scrutiny; they only treat the problem but not the cause; thus, the client would seek for the medical service for a specific issue more than once (Lee, 2017). Patients trust that the medical practitioners can diagnose health problems and administer medical solutions because they possess the expertise and have the mandate to do so. However, they take the advantage of patience’s lack of know-how to provide medical services as solutions to non-medical problems. For example, malnutrition is a social problem that arises from lack of a balanced diet. However, physicians routinely provide medication to resolve the problem of malnutrition instead of offering nutritional advice to the patient (Lee, 2017). From their perspective, the main purpose of offering malnutrition-medication is to make money, rather than solve the patient’s health problems.

Physicians have also strongly resisted attempts by patients to use alternative medicine to address health problems. Although the alternative medicine has become popular in the U.S. in recent years, medical practitioners continue to resist its use in order to safeguard their personal interests (Weitz, 2017). When more people use alternative medicine, physicians will have fewer patients to treat, hence, reduced earnings. Therefore, it is clear that the main concern for physicians is to continue exploiting the patients, rather than offering genuine health care to citizens.

Another worrying evidence of conflict in the American health … Read the rest “An Essay:Health Care in the U.S. from a Conflict Perspective”

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Renewable Energy in China and Iceland: Webassign Answers

Renewable sources of energy, which is harvested from natural resources, are self-replenishing and cannot be depleted over time. In contrast, the sources of non-renewable energy are not self-replenishing and diminish over time. Renewable energy is the fastest-growing source of industrial and domestic power in both developed and developing countries. In 2014, renewable energy accounted for approximately 24% of the total electricity production globally. Various countries harness and use renewable energy differently because of varying cultural values, technological advancement, and geographic location. This paper will reflect on factors that show the reason China and Iceland have taken different paths in generation and use of renewable energy.

In their article titled, “Present situation and future prospect of renewable energy in China”, Zhang et al. delve into the state of exploitation of renewable energy in China. For decades, China has been relying on fossil fuels to power its massive industries and domestic energy needs. By 2015, China’s energy needs had grown extensively such that it would be no longer sustainable to fully depend on fossil fuel (Zhang et al., 365). In order to supplement the energy gap, it explored and invested in other sources such coal. For now, coal is the primary source of the Chinese industrial and domestic energy and accounts for 70% of the national power supply. China’s reliance on coal as a source of energy is unsustainable, inefficient, and degrades the physical environment (Zhang et al., 865). In order for China to reduce the burden of over-relying on fossil fuels, the government has been investing in research and development to innovate new technologies for harnessing alternative sources of energy such as wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal energy. Currently, renewable energy user index (REUI) shows that China lags behind globally in exploiting the sources of renewable energy (Zhang et al., 865).

In sharp contrast to the Chinese current energy situation, Iceland, an equally developed country, derives most of its power from renewable sources, and especially hydro and geothermal. In their report titled, “Iceland’s Renewable Energy Sources & Climate Change”, Roberts and Conway note that Iceland derives 72% of its power from renewable energy sources (2). Iceland has invested heavily into design of efficient hybrid rotor blades that maximally convert the wind and hydro energy into electrical power; a few countries have reached this height of innovation. In contrast, the Chinese, despite their infinite engineering and technological capabilities, have failed to exploit … Read the rest “Renewable Energy in China and Iceland: Webassign Answers”

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An Essay: How Smoking Cessation Affects Appetite, Stress, and Health

The health effects of cigarette smoking are far-reaching; it is detrimental to all body organs and tissues. Not only does smoking affect the health being of oneself, it can also result in daily financial cost and expose one’s family to harmful smoking chemicals. For those reasons, almost all cigarette smokers aim to quit smoking. Whereas smoking cessation can improve a person’s health, it can also cause other problems such as increased appetite and high levels of stress.

Smoking cessation affects humans’ normal eating process as well as their taste of foodstuff (Stadler et al., 2014). In most cases, those who quit smoking experience strong desires of eating more amount of food than usual, especially in the first three months after stopping smoking. According to Skov-Ettrup et al., (2017), the reason for experiencing unusual appetite is because these people use food as a coping mechanism for boredom. Some people do not only tend to overeat after quitting smoking, they also develop craving for other things and mostly. According to Torre et al., (2015), if they are not careful, they may even become addicted to these new behaviors. For individuals who smoke as a way of socializing, quitting may lead them to developing feeling of loneliness. They tend to find solace in food as coping mechanism for their reduced participation in social activities.

After quitting smoking, individuals must expect to experience withdrawal symptoms of varying severities. Several people report that they undergo stressful experience, as they try to give up the previous behavior; the desire to smoke even one cigarette is so strong such that they worry about becoming smokers again. Because of the high levels of nicotine content in cigarettes, it may take several years before the resumption of the normal body functioning. Researchers have established that a sudden reduction of nicotine levels in the body results in an increase in anxiety and irritability (Skov-Ettrup et al., 2017). Consequently, current smokers may refrain from quitting the habit if they expect to experience post-cessation stress. The stress may also result from the weakening social bonds among other smoking friends.

Smoking cessation has numerous health benefits, including low prevalence of lung, heart and eye problems. Smoking thickens the arteries, which in turn, can expose smokers to the risks developing serious health complications such as atherosclerosis and cardiac arrest. In case a smoker quits the behavior, he or she may take several years before … Read the rest “An Essay: How Smoking Cessation Affects Appetite, Stress, and Health”

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How Should Students Study for Webassign Assignment?

Studying, whether for exams as a hobby, is an important activity for humans. Therefore, it is important for humans to continue studying on daily basis to improve their information retention ability. Personally, I have identified two positive habits that I need to adopt to improve my learning experience in class. First, I need to concentrate more on learning new concepts and avoid unnecessary distractions such as noise; it is one of the primary distractors in a learning environment (Entwistle and Paul 166). Second, I need to prepare sufficiently for learning activities by having a notepad and a pen for recording useful information. According to Salcedo, note-taking helps people to focus on their ability of retaining information.

The new habits will lead to personal improvement in learning; I will be able to recall ideas and concepts and apply them. After reviewing the video, “exam-preparation tips and test-taking strategies”, I have gained new insights about a wide range of study strategies such as using highlighter pen and making a clear study schedule (WaysToStudy 0.56). I can use the highlighter pen to mark relevant information in order to revisit it later. In addition, I can use the study timetable to organize learning tasks and monitor time accordingly. The timetable approach is particularly beneficial for me because it will help to improve my time management.

Note-taking during lectures can be challenging for students, particularly if the instructor provides too much information. From the video, I have learned two note-taking strategies, namely: the outline and the Cornell methods. Both are applicable in fast-paced lecture situations (Salcedo 1:12). Active listening during lectures is also important because students can analyze information and record only what is relevant.… Read the rest “How Should Students Study for Webassign Assignment?”

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Ethical Responsibility in Business: Webassign Free Answer


As organizations seek to achieve their business goals, they also have the responsibility of safeguarding the interests of stakeholders. Businesses must avoid malpractices such as adulteration of products and providing customers with wrong information. Recently, regulators in the U.S. realized that Volkswagen had been falsifying carbon emission data of its diesel-powered cars. The issue had serious ethical implications not only to the senior managers at Volkswagen, but also to employees and investors.

One can perceive the scandal at Volkswagen in two viewpoints; the first is that it affected the company brand image since the scandal was highly publicized scandal. The second perspective is that Volkswagen was involved in deception without the knowledge of managers and employees. In addressing the latter, the CEO of Volkswagen claimed that he was unaware about the unethical practices until the news appeared in the mainstream media (Roberts, 2016). This notwithstanding, each employee and manager involved in the vehicle assembly had an ethical responsibility of preventing the deception. Moreover, the company’s legal apparatus should have been aware of the unfolding situation and taken appropriate preventive measures.

If I were an employee or a manager in the legal or engineering department, I would have ensured that the company upheld ethics at all times. From an ethical perspective, it seems that the company lacked effective communication frameworks and transparency. Lippe (2015) provides readers with an accurate and insightful view about what occurred during the scandal. He identifies some communication weaknesses between the engineering and legal departments. According to Lippe (2015), communication breakdown, whether accidental or intentional, constituted to 10% of the root cause of the scandal. In addition, Lippe indicates that lawyers were unable to intervene due to lack of information or knowledge about the engineering department.

As the manager in charge of the engineering department, I would also have ensured that I acted within the legal confines of the organization. As an engineer-manager, I may have lacked relevant expertise in the field of law. However, I would make efforts to promote transparency by collaborating with the legal team. Similarly, as a manager in the legal department, I would feel obligated to understand the basic mechanics and operations of the engineering division. Lippe (2015) states that, “In Volkswagen, not knowing was just as bad as knowing and acquiescing. Maybe we should start talking about a duty to know what’s going on”. In this regard, lack of communication … Read the rest “Ethical Responsibility in Business: Webassign Free Answer”

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Essay on Domestic Terrorism

Prompt 1

Domestic terrorism refers to the commission of violent acts against civilians or infrastructure by the authorities or other groups (Choi & Piazza, 2016). The main reason people engage in domestic terrorism is to intimidate and coerce others to accept their request. Historically, Americans have experienced domestic terrorism. During the 1950s and 1960s, the white-dominated administration used coercive tactics to suppress the African Americans who were demanding for equality and inclusivity. One particular act of terrorism occurred in 1955 when the police in Birmingham, Alabama, arrested Rosa Parks, an African American, for refusing to obey segregation laws (Moore, 2016). The arrest was a deliberate tactic by the authority to instill fear among the African American population.

In the wake of the Alabama incident, the authorities repeatedly subjected African Americans to extreme brutality. The authorities used violent tactics in order to enforce the segregation laws in the Montgomery Bus System (Moore, 2016). The authorities clearly committed acts of domestic terrorism, as they instilled fear in the black citizen communities with the intention of forcing them to accept laws. According to Choi and Piazza (2016), governments commit domestic terrorism by using existing national resources such as the policing unit. In Montgomery case, the white administrators used existing institutions such as the police unit and the legal structures to intimidate the African Americans.

Prompt 2

The traditional human rights entities and constitutional protection laws are as relevant today as they were in the 19th and 20th centuries. Even as modern governments continue to combat domestic terrorism, human right institutions are indispensable because of their roles in preventing violation of people’s rights (Adeola, 2017). Over the years, governments have played a significant role in controlling cases of domestic terrorism. Even so, international bodies such as the United Nations have been instrumental in preventing the escalation of violence, especially in situations where governments are involved in committing domestic terrorism and human right abuses

Governmental agencies can use the constitution as a guiding framework for deterring domestic terrorism. At the same time, citizens always have alternative of using the constitution whenever governments subject them to domestic terrorism (Sen, 2017). In addition, the constitution is a legal document that clearly outlines the rights and entitlement of citizens. Most importantly, governments have a duty to safeguard the constitution and respect the rights enshrined therein.… Read the rest “Essay on Domestic Terrorism”

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An Answer to Fire Department Administration Webassign

Discuss NFPA 1500 chapter 10 for medical and physical requirements and how they can improve firefighter safety One Page discussion answer-no format required

Firefighters’ safety is one of the most important aspects of consideration in many fire departments. Fire departments should establish strategies to help firefighters navigate dangerous incidents, protect their colleagues, and avoid preventable injuries. The NFPA 1500 Fire Department Occupational Safety & Health Program contains the minimum requirements that firefighting organizations should adopt during fire suppression, special operations, emergency medical operations, and hazardous material mitigation. To start with, it is important to note that the NFPA 1500 chapter 10 for medical and physical requirements contains a number of elements for consideration during implementing the program. In principle, the program implementers must ensure that individuals under the influence of alcohol and drugs are excluded from participation. The exclusion of such people is a major factor contributing to the safety of the firefighters. Not only does alcoholism increase the risk of poor judgment, but also endangers the lives of other people. Importantly, the aircraft pilot should comply with FAA regulations. Members who do not showcase compliance with the physical performance requirement should also be excluded from participation. A member should receive annual qualification to ascertain that he/she can perform the tasks adequately. This approach is quite important in enhancing the safety of the firefighters since it is aimed to make sure that the participants have or exceed the required physical performance. Another important aspect to consider under NFPA 1500 chapter 10 is the health and fitness of the emergency responders. At the minimum, the health and fitness program should be customized to fulfill the objectives and requirements of the NFPA 1583. While physical fitness is not in itself an indicator of firefighter safety, it can promote the ability of the individual to navigate dangerous incidents. Irrespective of the skills and capabilities of the firefighter, it is paramount for the fitness coordinator to administer the program. Since the fitness coordinator works in liaison with the Fire Department Physician, the firefighters can receive adequate treatment and medical guidance, which fosters their safety.

Discuss how aspects of NFPA 1500 chapter 9 improves firefighter safety. How can your organization be proactive in preventing injuries and illnesses that occur in fire department facilities? One page-no format required

According to NFPA 1500 Chapter 9, facility safety is critical in enhancing the safety of the firefighters. In … Read the rest “An Answer to Fire Department Administration Webassign”

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Final Exam Essay Questions

Question 1

Strategic management refers to the continuous planning, analysis, monitoring, and of organizational resources to meet the goals and objectives of business (Sekhar 14). The strategic management process comprises of nine critical tasks as outlined below:

  • Formulate the organization’s mission, including the statements about its goals, purposes, values, and philosophies.
  • Conduct an internal environmental analysis.
  • Assess the company’s external environment.
  • Analyze the company’s capabilities to achieve its goals by assessing the available internal resources.
  • Identify and evaluate desirable options in view of the company’s mission and values.
  • Identify and select the most suitable long-term objectives.
  • Formulate annual objectives and short-term strategies that are relevant to the company’s long-term goals.
  • Use the budgeted resources to implement the company’s strategic choices.
  • Evaluate the overall strategic process to identify areas of improvement.

Question 2

The main Porter’s generic company strategies are cost focus, cost leadership, and differentiation.

Cost leadership entails minimization of costs during the delivery of products and services. Differentiation strategy entails the production of goods and services that are different from those of the competitor. Lastly, organizations use the focus strategy to concentrate on specific market niches.

Question 3

The remote environment of a business consists of three factors, namely economic, social, and political. Social factors refer to human aspects such as beliefs, traditions, and lifestyles. Differently, economic factors include environmental aspects such as interest rates, purchasing power, unemployment rates, and inflation. Lastly, political factors are governmental and administrative aspects such as laws and programs.

Question 4

The Porter’s five-force model refers to a simple and powerful tool that businesses can use to enhance their competitiveness.

Competition in the industry: The number of competitors in the market and their ability to threaten the business’ survival

Bargaining power of supplier: The ability of suppliers to drive up the prices of raw materials.

Bargaining power of buyer: Ability of customers to drive down the prices of products or services.

Threat of substitute products: Competitors’ products similar to those of the company

Potential new entrants: New businesses represent a threat to existing industry players.

Question 5

To attain long-term prosperity, managers need to establish long-term objectives in seven key areas:

Profitability: Ability to generate revenues from sale of products and services

Competitive position: Ability to establish a market niche to ensure long-term stability

Employee relations: Employees must be able to demonstrate the necessary skills and competencies when performing their roles.

Public responsibility: Businesses … Read the rest “Final Exam Essay Questions”

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Example of webassign Letter Answers

I regret writing this letter to you because I have not experienced the satisfaction that I desired before reading it. You seem to focus more on complex arguments than on the need to enhance the understanding of the concept. It has come to my attention that you do not value our friendship anymore, as you appear to value complex theories and arguments than our relationship. I am compelled to open your cover, typically twice a week, to continue staring at your complex theories and constructs.

Initially, I believed that I would be faithful to read all your pages; but in general, I am dissatisfied with your content. As I flipped through the first pages, your work appeared quite attractive, organized, and contained eye-catching images in every chapter. However, in the last few weeks, I have discovered that your seemingly appealing contents are not helpful and are largely contradictory.

I do not think that it is worth the effort reading your work because the contradicting statements may further affect my perspective towards your work. How do you expect this relationship to thrive yet I cannot understand the most basic concept? For instance, I cannot even comprehend why Aristotelian arguments and humanistic psychology are incongruent. Your wording makes even the simplest steps appear complex and hard to follow.

Why would you use attractive images and organized concepts, yet they do not foster the understanding of the theories and arguments? In each chapter, you introduce me to new complex constructs and arguments that do not resonate with the reality of life. Your fictional information has contributed greatly to the decline of our relationship. I have become completely disillusioned by the fact that you are now attempting to cover a wide array of subjects in just one topic. To say the least, it is impossible to mix religion, sociology, political studies, and metaphysics without establishing the underlying factors.… Read the rest “Example of webassign Letter Answers”

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Why you should pay attention to your Instructors to have correct WebAssign answers

Is Paying for Webassign Answers a bad thing?

The last thing I would want on a student is to fail Webassign even in the wake of all these requirements. So, given the fact that students should work hard, what should they still do to achieve their high score?  Simple, they should first know that working hard does not always amount to scoring high grades. They will need to hire someone with expertise on answering webassign answers at all time. So, how should they do that? I propose that you seek Webassign help from famedwritings company. It has the expertise to help you achieve that goal. Do not worry about being scammed because they have the best tutors to help you achieve you goal. Just go ahead and pay. You will not regret.

When answering questions on WebAssign system, the nature always depend on type of questions, type of questions, or method of answering. You may need to answer the question using calculations, writing an essay, marking the right answers, or even developing more complex answers. Instructors can categorize, automate programs, or grade answers into simple and realistic systems. The instructors always have to mark the essays using the right guidelines. They can always access the answer keys in order to make the marking process quick.

When you complete doing your assignment or homework on the webassign system, the instructor has always have an option to respond or mark it. He can either mark it or request help from other instructors. Fortunately, the instructor only follows simple marking steps that follow a strenuous and serious concentration. The instructor can mark the exam that the student answered the correct or the wrong answers. Even more important, he might make comments that contain clarifications or suggestions to direct the student towards inserting the right answer. If the student fails to write the correct answer, the instructor can give him or her the answer key as well as the correct material for use. Students have little chance of using the access answer key unless the instructor intends to allow them to use it. However, some students go to an extent of accessing the key in order to steal answers or even cheat the exam. It is honorable to avoid cheating exam to lie to the instructor.

The instructor has so many options of developing and setting exams and courses on Webassign. Although most … Read the rest “Why you should pay attention to your Instructors to have correct WebAssign answers”

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