Residence Halls

Modern accommodations are provided for our students in separate, well-furnished, air-conditioned dormitories. Resident dormitory assistants help our deans in providing supervision over students residing in our dormitories. Each student should provide a complete set of linens for a twin bed, bedspread, pillow, towels, and other personal items as needed. Personal television sets and radios are not permitted in the dormitories.


Coin-operated washers and dryers are conveniently located on each dormitory floor.

Dining Hall

The beautiful Elaine Howie Dining Hall is a full-service cafeteria. Meals are included in the cost on-campus tuition. Seating for 150 also provides for the various banquets and activities held for the students during the school year.

College Chapel

Chapel services are conducted each Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Along with the college and pastoral staff speakers from Longview Baptist Temple, guest speakers help keep the chapel services lively and spirit filled. Of course, the highlight each week is when our Pastor and Chancellor, Dr. Bob Gray II, is the speaker.

Student Homeroom Counseling

Each Tuesday various counselors are available to meet one-on-one with the student body. Men and ladies are respectively assigned to their homeroom counselor each semester. Counselors help students with academic, social, financial, and spiritual needs. This is one of the many measures in place to ensure that every student receive individual attention.

Christian Service

A wide variety of Christian service opportunities are provided in and through the ministries of the Longview Baptist Temple. Students are given the opportunity to participate in every ministry at LBT. Preaching, Sunday School teaching, nursing homes, jail ministries, soul-winning clubs, children’s choirs, LBT choir, LBT orchestra, and the bus ministry are just a few examples of the areas of ministry in which students may participate. Required Christian service, coordinated through the Dean’s offices, provides needed experience and training for the ministry.

Student Activities

The college administration plans regular activities such as bowling, putt-putt golf, spirit week, picnics, ice cream socials, bonfires, out-of-town trips, shopping trips, and many more opportunities to date and to dine out. Each February, the Longview Baptist Temple hosts a formal Valentine’s Day Banquet. All staff, faculty, and students are invited to enjoy a catered meal and entertainment by the LBT Music Department. Music recitals as well as special concerts are held at various times during the year. The TBC Chorale provides an opportunity for students to sing in chapel as well as the services of LBT. Various singing groups also provide special music for the college and church.

Ladies Fellowship

All TBC ladies are provided a monthly fellowship time with the ladies of the church. The First Lady of the Longview Baptist Temple, Mrs. Kelly Gray, coordinates the event to include food, fun and games, and also teaching by various wives of men in our ministry.

Area Employment

Texas Baptist College coordinates with local businesses to provide a link between the incoming students and those businesses to make it easier to obtain employment in the Longview area. Second- and third-shift jobs are plenteous and most students are able to secure these jobs in a very short time. Ladies are allowed to work off-campus jobs approved by the college. The dean’s office carefully screens each place of employment to make sure it meets the college criteria. The college provides transportation for ladies when needed to get to their place of employment.

Off-Campus Housing

All single students under the age of twenty-five, except those living with family, are required to live in the college dormitories unless permission has been granted by the administration. Requests to live off campus should be submitted in writing to the Administration 30 days prior to registration. Married students will find adequate housing available throughout Longview.

Standards of Conduct and Appearance

Each student is expected to cheerfully submit to the standards of conduct and behavior that have been established by Texas Baptist College. A student handbook with detailed rules and policies will be provided at registration. The use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, and illegal drugs will not be tolerated. Theater attendance, rock music (secular or religious), dancing, and gambling are also strictly prohibited. Biblical principles for behavior are to be observed at all times. Modesty and discretion in personal grooming and dress should be exercised at all times. Extremist hairstyles and/or immodest attire on either men or women will not be tolerated. The student’s signature on the application form acknowledges a personal agreement to accept and abide by the standards established by Texas Baptist College. Specific information on appearance and conduct standards are reviewed during the week of registration.