I regret writing this letter to you because I have not experienced the satisfaction that I desired before reading it. You seem to focus more on complex arguments than on the need to enhance the understanding of the concept. It has come to my attention that you do not value our friendship anymore, as you appear to value complex theories and arguments than our relationship. I am compelled to open your cover, typically twice a week, to continue staring at your complex theories and constructs.

Initially, I believed that I would be faithful to read all your pages; but in general, I am dissatisfied with your content. As I flipped through the first pages, your work appeared quite attractive, organized, and contained eye-catching images in every chapter. However, in the last few weeks, I have discovered that your seemingly appealing contents are not helpful and are largely contradictory.

I do not think that it is worth the effort reading your work because the contradicting statements may further affect my perspective towards your work. How do you expect this relationship to thrive yet I cannot understand the most basic concept? For instance, I cannot even comprehend why Aristotelian arguments and humanistic psychology are incongruent. Your wording makes even the simplest steps appear complex and hard to follow.

Why would you use attractive images and organized concepts, yet they do not foster the understanding of the theories and arguments? In each chapter, you introduce me to new complex constructs and arguments that do not resonate with the reality of life. Your fictional information has contributed greatly to the decline of our relationship. I have become completely disillusioned by the fact that you are now attempting to cover a wide array of subjects in just one topic. To say the least, it is impossible to mix religion, sociology, political studies, and metaphysics without establishing the underlying factors.